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To bring illiteracy rates down, education is looking to private business to take an active roll in preparing today's children for tomorrow's challenges. Your business can make a real difference by working with young people in our schools through the Jones Media's Newspapers In Education literacy program. This effort is committed to helping students develop strong reading, math and current event skills by using the one medium they are most likely to read as adults...the daily newspaper.

Why Sponsor NIE?

The NIE Program has helped teachers discover interactive ways to use the daily newspaper as an effective and timely teaching tool in their classrooms. We have had an overwhelming number of requests for newspapers from teachers in every school district in the area.

Unfortunately, education budgets are very limited, and even though Jones Media provides newspapers through its publications to classrooms at drastically reduced rates, private sector financial support is still required.

What better way to help our youth succeed than to contribute to a program like Newspaper in Education.

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How do I donate to the NIE program.