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NIE Teachers Guide to using the newspaper in the classroom.

Election Day Activities

Constitution Teacher Guides

Elementary students can explore the parts of a newspaper and then create their own class newspapers or newsletters, using the ReadWriteThink Printing Press.

Germ Patrol

also available: Hand Washing Flyer

Give Them the Keys: Promoting Literacy for Adolescence Students for NIE Week 2012
Give Them the Keys: Promoting Literacy for Adolescence Students for NIE Week 2012

Water Works Tab

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Students can complete the Dear NIE Sponsor letter.

How to Participate:

Watauga Democrat is proud to offer the Newspapers in Education (NIE) program to you and your students. Learning from the real world has a magnetic appeal for students. That is one reason why newspapers are the perfect teaching tools. In addition, research shows that using a newspaper in the curriculum improves student skills, increases knowledge, and encourages a positive attitude toward learning. It also helps students become informed and involved citizens while developing a lifelong reading habit.

To participate you will need to contact our NIE Coordinator, Pat Helms, by email at pat.helms@dailypostathenian.com or by phone at 423-252-1240. She can answer any questions you may have and set up a time for you to complete our NIE Class. Our NIE Class will help you get the most out of the newspaper in your classroom.


Current Programs

Bright Ideas: Great Learning Ideas Using the Newspaper
Bright Ideas

Pioneers in the Classroom
Pioneers in the Classroom Teacher's Guide

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Teacher Guides

Hot Topics - Ultimate Curriculum Guides

Don't Do Drugs Teacher's Guide
Don't Do Drugs Teacher's Guide

Parent Guides

Parent Newspaper Guide

Guía Del Periódico Para Los Padres

100 Ways to Use the Newspaper In Your Classroom
Craft Ideas for Re-using Newspapers
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